Mississippi Alarm strives to empower its customers by providing you with knowledge and practical advice on how to protect yourself.   The following list of suggestions are, in general, good safety tips for consumers with an alarm system:

1)  Make sure your alarm system is being monitored.  Monitored systems provide for police and fire protection services, when you need them most.  When you can sign up for alarm system monitoring for $14.00 per month, why wouldn't you?  

2)  Set your alarm!  Set your alarm every day, any time during the day.  Your alarm has several different arming strategies that you should be familiar with:
"Away" mode:  Away mode is intended to be used when you leave, or go "away" from your home.  This mode activates ALL zones within your house including your motion detectors.
"Stay" Mode:  Stay mode is intended to be used when you "stay" home.  This mode ignores all motion detectors enabling you to walk around your house without setting off the system.

3)  TEST YOUR SYSTEM!  You should test your system every single week.  Pick a day out of the week that you will test your system and make it a habit.  The only way you will know if all the devices in your house are functioning properly is to actually test them.  Your alarm system will have a "test" mode.  This allows you to test each zone to ensure that the alarm system can communicate with it.

4)  Keep your monitoring signs visible.  Your alarm monitoring company will provide you with stickers and a yard sign.  Make sure they are in good shape and can be seen easily.  If your signs are old and beginning to fade, call your security company.  They will get replacements for you.